about the founder.

a leader in design thinking for empowered enterprise 

Tara first knew she wanted to work on social justice and impact issues working as an architect in Nepal in the early-90’s on a community-led school design project. Since then, she has employed her design thinking and system thinking skills, working with bilateral and multi-lateral development organisations on equity and diversity issues in the areas of climate resilient development, corporate social responsibility, organisational learning and development, and architectural design - long-term in India, Vietnam, Nepal, Denmark and Bhutan, with shorter assignments in Lao, Uganda, Tanzania, the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK. 

  • design thinking, systems think & action research:  As an architect of new initiatives for social equity her work has remoulded the framing of issue areas and assessing programmes from a systems change and design thinking perspective - to build greater relevance, integration and visibility - in the area of social justice, natural resource management and urban/rural development to integrate the social development and diversity perspective in policy, implementation and assessment.
  • consensus & momentum building:  As a leader building a team and consensus for organisational impact she has brought people together to design, get alignment and operationalise the organisation’s programme framework to enhance the level of accountability and organisational integration. ​ She has built organisational consensus for coordinated collective action through participatory collaborative processes.
  • facilitating collaboration & collective enterprise:  As a facilitator of collaboration for multi-disciplinary and cross-geographical action that contributes to greater coordinated impact, she has worked in the area of social and environmental justice and corporate social responsibility.​