at the strategy level 

...reimagine issue-based change through media-making.

approach …establish spaces for impact collaboration in social, environmental issues with media making.

framework …Involve communities to engage with their issues through media-making.

evolve insight ...among individuals, communities, organisations through making media-making an integrated and significant part of change-making.

to trigger stepped up public inquiry, reflection and mobilised action making collective choices based on stories, information, data for collective progress and transformation, and; defines and presents ‘new citizenry’ engagement.


Our focus:​

Our focus:​

Across the board this enables...

... a hands-on design thinking work processacross and within teams, groups and collectives.

... to build the ‘skill of empathy’ to inquire, understand and relate to the lives of others to create transformation ...from deepened insight.

... empathy and insight as integral to individual and team practice- an active element of day-to-day thinking and action to develop and deepen the ability to generate knowledge, enable application, create impact.

... craft space that is synchronised and 'anti-silo' to coherently bring together experiential learningthrough content and pedagogy for applied learning.

level 1: build team empathy

evaluate and equip teams as self-organising units – with agility and cohesion of focusing on: ‘role’ - as a sense of self; ‘alignment’ – for team purpose; ‘impact’ – collective clarity on effectiveness.

level 2: plan for impact
​envisage and construct action with a view to make an impact; frame the impact you intend to create; paint your story of impact.

level 3: assess impact         
gauge and measure the shifts against the impact you intended to create (break down impact into bite sizes); track the story of impact; repeatedly revisit the pathway of impact.

level 4: active induction 
prepare and orient new members of the organisation so that people understand ‘the purpose’ assimilate ‘their role’ become part of the ‘common purpose’.


...with projects & campaigns
...with schools & professional education 

...with organisations & collectives

with a focus on strategy and systems to orchestrate robust organisational purpose, presence, sustenance.

​liberal spaces for applied learning that create enterprises of collective action, applied learning, impact and empowerment in primary, secondary and higher education.

institutions imparting a professional education in areas related to development, management, design, law,   communications, journalism for budding professionals to build robust professional practice.

create 'encounters'that ​connects, confronts, chance upon new experiential learning and builds a calm mind of attention and consciousness in a secular culture.

experiential learningis brought about through current experience and ‘recycling’ previous experience.

Our focus:​

We facilitate problem solving with a hands-on design thinking approach that....

▶︎  integrates systems change & design thinking to strategy, roll out & impact measurement; 

▶︎  employs design thinking & action research to programme feasibility,campaign/project planning;

▶︎  integrates empathy as a skill for problem solving;

▶︎  curates spaces & events for public communication;

▶︎  mentors for leadership within an outcome-oriented frame;

▶︎  coaches for impact to combine media making and social change.

...and to evolve and deepen insight to...
craft entrepreneurship that creates meaningful profit for wider well-being.

through design thinking as the mechanism for change-making, we work to create a ground swell of impact with entities and collectives that see themselves as part of a wider grid-work of transformation  ...with deepened insight and informed empathy as the glue. 

a leader in design thinking for collective empowerment 

integrate media-making into change-making practice to knit impact collaborations to deepen public insight & transformation. 

facilitate education communities to   work to integrate empathy as a skill       through problem solving in daily               practice.​​..and create new insight.